Parallel (2015)


Parallel (2015)


1. Move
2. Parallel
3. Love Letter
4. Voltage
5. March of One
6. Meri Bhavana
7. Hurricane
8. Is Falling Flying
9. The Day is Respite from What's Only Night
10. Howl Like (Running Brooks)
11. Meri Bossa

Released November 6, 2015. Produced by Tongues in Trees. Recorded & Engineered by Josh Valleau at The Glass Wall, Brooklyn, NY. Mixed by Hernan Santiago at 24/7 Studio Time, New York, NY. Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at TurtleTone Studios, New York, NY. Cover Photo by Grey Mcmurray. Band Photo by Shervin Lainez. Art & Design by Louis F. Cuffari. Track 3 by Juanita Rogers/Lynn Hollings. Tracks 6, 10 by Jugal Kishore Mukhtar. All other music by Tongues in Trees.

Samita Sinha – Vocals
Grey Mcmurray – Guitars/Background Vocals
Sunny Jain - Drums 

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