Key Questions

Why should I have live music for my event?
If you’re browsing our website, you likely already know why ;) We believe live music is a tasteful addition to any event. There’s something about having live professional musicians creating sound together that brings a much more personal and engaging experience. 

What is a baraat?
Baraat is Hindi for a marriage procession. In North India, it is a tradition on the day of the wedding for the groom to travel to his bride’s home on a magnificently decorated horse, accompanied by family and friends.

Why should I have live music for my baraat?
Bringing an 18th century tradition from the Indian subcontinent to your wedding here in States is not just joyous, but also a uniquely classy way to start your special day. The excitement of a baraat is not brought by turning a volume knob and blasting music through speakers, but rather by the energy of musicians playing live music and danceable beats that you and your guests will recognize.

How is Jina Brass Band dressed?
The history of brass bands in India dates back to the 18th century through colonialism. Horns and drums were brought over by the Europeans and Indian musicians started translating their rhythms and melodies to these new instruments. Although the musicians adopted the colonial marching band uniform for many years, in recent times there has been a shift in South Asian brass bands adorning themselves with fabrics and designs from the Motherland. Jina Brass Band is uniformly dressed in red kurtas tops with black dress pants and shoes to pay homage to the culture of South Asia.

How is the Bollywood Jazz Ensemble dressed?
In Western formal attire.

Things To Think About When Hiring A Live Band

History of band? Is the band documented thru pictures, videos. testimonials?
Word of mouth is the best recommendation, but view testimonials and is the band documented through videos, pictures? Get a feel for how they sound, look and interact with your guests.

What songs does the band play? 
Ask for a list of songs to ensure you are getting what you’d like.

Is the band uniformly dressed? Does the dholi have a little more adornments to his/her outfit?
Uniformity with a dash of pizazz goes a long way visually.

What should I look for in a dhol player? 
Rhythm can make or break a band sound. If the dholi/drummer is not recognized outside just being a wedding dholi, chances are his/her skill level is average. You will encounter many people who say they play dhol because they play 2-3 rhythms on it, but playing dhol requires knowledge, skill and endurance. BEWARE: Many dholis will get tired and their beats will get slower and slower as an event carries on.  

Is the band comprised of professional/reputable musicians?
Professional musicians handle their job as such, professionally. This means they are aware of doing the best job they can always and any negative feedback can tarnish their name. Therefore, they are always on time, dressed appropriately and playing at the top of their ability.