Jainsounds officially started on my wedding day, August 27th, 2005. Inspired by the marching bands of India that mesmerized me as a child during summers in Delhi, I set out to learn and notate the traditional baraat repertoire for my very own baraat. When the special day came, 30 of my musician friends led the procession to the mandap with a glorious sound that set off a chain reaction of inquiries around the US for this band. Initially I called it Red Baraat Marching Band, but it has since been renamed to Jina Brass Band (the Red Baraat story is a story unto itself!). 

Since that time, we’ve grown a repertoire of nearly 40 songs for the baraat (Punjabi and Bollywood classics and standard wedding songs); developed a one-of-a-kind Bollywood Jazz Ensemble, and also represent 3 of most well known South Asian performers in the States: Red Baraat, Falu and Neel Murgai. Over the course of these years, we’ve also trained several professional New York City musicians to perform in our bands. So our bands are filled with topnotch musicians that bring professionalism and an understanding for South Asian culture and weddings.

Born out of love and continued for the sole desire of helping others fulfill their dreams, Jainsounds has established itself as the premiere South Asian wedding booking agency for live music in the States.

- Sunny Jain